Monday, March 28, 2011

Episode #171 Part I: MegaCon 2011 Interviews!

(Top: L to R:) Derrick Fish & Allen Bellman!
(Bottom: L to R:) Renee Witterstaetter & Terry Moore!
Not pictured: Thom Zahler.

Download Episode 171 Part I!

The comic book professionals I interviewed at MegaCon 2011 were:

- Derrick Fish, creator, writer and artist who self publishes his title THE WELLKEEPER. . I interviewed him on Friday.

- On Saturday I interviewed Thom Zahler, creator, writer, artist, letterer and colorist of his comic book LOVE AND CAPES, now published by IDW. .

On Sunday I interviewed three comic book professionals:

- Allen Bellman, golden age comic book artist for Marvel/Timely during the 1940's and 1950's. .

- Renee Witterstaetter of Eva Ink Publishing, and .

- Terry Moore, creator, writer, artist and letterer of STRANGERS IN PARADISE, ECHO and, beginning in July, RACHEL RISING. .

Follow up episodes on MegaCon 2011 will feature the panels I covered. While they don't feature Superman, I want to share some of my convention experience. I enjoy panels about the craft of comic book creation, and spotlight various creators whose work I enjoy, so the panels I'll feature will reflect that.

Next Episode: COMICS NOIR PANEL, which was the first panel I attended.

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