Thursday, April 23, 2009

Episode #69: Superman Goes Gangbusters!

Jose Delgado first appeared in THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN 428, and made his final appearance in his original run in THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN 500!

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This episode is the second and final prequel to our upcoming look at the SUPERMAN IN EXILE storyline from the early 1990's. The first prequel episode was #66: SUPERMAN IN THE POCKET UNIVERSE!

Thanks to the web site I was able to do a search for Jose Delgado and find a listing of all of his comic book appearances. It was a valuable aid in going through my collection of Superman comic books to prepare the show notes for this episode. Not all of these stories have been reprinted, so if you would like to find some or all of the stories Jose Delgado/Gangbuster appeared in, go to .

The Gangbuster referred to in the title was the super hero identity of Jose Delgado, who had no super powers but was athletic and an experienced boxer. He appeared in many stories in the various Superman titles beginning with ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #428, the May 1987 issue, through ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #500, the June 1993 issue.

How the Pocket Universe and Gangbuster leads into the Superman In Exile story will be explained in this episode.

Next episode: It's birthday wishes for Mort Weisinger!

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