Thursday, February 19, 2009

Episode #61: Curt Swan: I FLEW WITH SUPERMAN!

The title page for the story I FLEW WITH SUPERMAN, the second and final story in SUPERMAN ANNUAL 9, 1983!

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Curt Swan was born on February 17, 1920. To commemorate the anniversary of his birth, the feature for this episode is the back story of SUPERMAN ANNUAL #9 from 1983, I FLEW WITH SUPERMAN. Curt Swan co-stars with Superman in this story that Curt inked over his own pencils, one of the few stories with which he did so. I could find no reprint information about this story. I will be sharing the entire plot of the story. So if you would like to read this story before listening to this episode, you should be able to find it on line or in the back issue bins of your local comic book store.

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