Thursday, March 20, 2008

Episode #10: Happy Birthday, Mark Waid!

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Friday, March 21, will be Mark Waid's birthday, so I review his career and highlight some of my favorite stories that he has written. Check out two interviews Mark Waid has done on FANBOY RADIO edisode #'s 30 and 295. Some of my favorite comic book stories written by Mark Waid: METAMORPHO mini-series, DC Comics, 1993. (Look for back issues at your local comic book shop, or on line vendor.) KINGDOM COME,DC Comics, 1996. Trade paperback is still available from DC Comics. FANTASTIC FOUR: IMAGINAUTS, collecting issues 60-66 and 56, 2003; HEREAFTER, collecting issues 509-514, especially issue #511, 2004; both trade paperbacks from Marvel Comics. LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES: VOL. I, TEENAGE REVOLUTION, collecting issues 1-6; col. II, DEATH OF A DREAM, collecting issues 7-13; both trade paperbacks available from DC Comics.

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