Thursday, November 13, 2008

Episode #48: Superman In The Army!

Superman 122 & Superman 133!

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In honor of Veteran's Day I am presenting two silver age Superman stories. 

THE SUPER SERGEANT was originally published in SUPERMAN 122, July 1958. It has been reprinted in SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF TOMORROW ARCHIVES VOL. 1, and SHOWCASE PRESENTS: SUPERMAN VOL. 1. 

The second story, SUPERMAN GOES TO WAR, first appeared in SUPERMAN 133, May 1963. It has been reprinted in SHOWCASE PRESENTS: SUPERMAN VOL. 4.

The first story about Superman in the Army that I ever talked about was a story by the same name, back in Episode 3, part 2, about Jerry Siegel, who wrote that story.

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Superman and all related characters are copyright DC Comics.

Thanks for listening to SUPERMAN FAN PODCAST and, as always, thanks to Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

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