Friday, November 12, 2010

Episode #152: Happy Birthday, Elliot S! Maggin!

(Top L to R:) Superman 247, January 1972 & Superman 296, February 1976.
(Bottom L: to R:) Superman 300, June 1976, Superman 400, October 1984 & Superman 416, February 1986!

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Elliot S! Maggin was born on November 15, 1950 in Brooklyn, New York. He is most well known for writing comic book stories for DC Comics in the 1970's and 1980's. The character he is most associated with is Superman, working for Superman editor Julius Schwartz. This episode explores his life and career and highlights some of his best Superman stories.

During the episode, I failed to mention that he began to use the ! after his middle initial by accident. Because of the poor reproduction (compared to today) of comic books, he would end sentences with an ! instead of a period. He accidentally signed his script Elliot S! Maggin and it printed that way. Editor Julius Schwartz then declared that his name would always appear that way in his stories.

To learn more about Elliot S! Maggin, you can go to .

The stories featured in this episode are:

- MUST THERE BE A SUPERMAN from SUPERMAN 247, January 1972, published on November 11, 1971. This was Elliot's first published Superman story. It has been reprinted in THE GREATEST SUPERMAN STORIES EVER TOLD, SUPERMAN IN THE SEVENTIES, SUPERMAN: THE GREATEST STORIES EVER TOLD, vol. I & GREEN LANTERN: IN BRIGHTEST DAY. It can also be read online at .

- WHO TOOK THE SUPER OUT OF SUPERMAN from SUPERMAN 296, February 1976. It began the four issue story involving Mr. Xavier, which involved a famous scene of Clark and Lois on a date, receiving news coverage, even. All four issues of this story can be read at .

- SUPERMAN 2001 from SUPERMAN 300, June 1976, published on March 11, 1976. It has been reprinted in SUPERMAN: PAST AND FUTURE. This story was featured in Episode 24 of this podcast.

- THE LIVING LEGENDS OF SUPERMAN from SUPERMAN 400, October 1984, published on July 12, 1984. The stories in this issue were reprinted in SUPERMAN: THE GREATEST STORIES EVER TOLD, vol's. I & II. It can also be read online at .

- THE EINSTEIN CONNECTION from SUPERMAN 416, February 1986, published on November 14, 1985. It was inked by comic book artist Al Williamson, the subject of Episode 13 . This story has been reprinted in SUPERMAN VS. LEX LUTHOR. ( During the episode I mistakenly guessed that it was reprinted in SUPERMAN IN THE EIGHTIES.) This story can also be read online at and .


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